23 AG 56 RAF MK6 Alvis/Pyrenne Crash Truck

23 AG 56
MK6 Alvis/Pyrenne Crash Truck
Made in 1956, this was one of the first of the variants of the MK6 production model. The MK6A, MK6B, MK6C & MK6D came out later. Externally they all looked alike, but this model has a smaller foam monitor than the later models. Production of the MK6 ended around 1963, although they remained in service until 1978. This vehicle spent some of its time at RAF Wyton in the 1970s and in 1976 was downgraded to instructional assembly. Records show that this crash truck served in Coastal, Transport, Fighter and Maintenance Commands. Seen at the Museum of RAF Firefighting.

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