28 AG 00 RAF Fire and Rescue Service TACR1

28 AG 00
RAF Fire and Rescue Service
The TACR1 came into service in 1972 and was the beginning of a new generation of rescue tender for the RAF. It superseded the ACRT (Dry Powder) and TACT (Old type Foam). The TACR1 carried a new fire fighting media which was AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) which was pre-mixed in the tank. It also carried an EPCO Hydraulic Rescue kit and a Pneumatic powered ‘Ripper Gun’. It was capable of acting in an unsupported roll on advanced airfields operating with the HARRIER aircraft with a crew of three, but would also act as the rescue truck along with major foams trucks on large Crash Lines. With the requirement for a crew of three and only a standard cab, a seating position was created at the rear of the vehicle for the third crew member whose only communication to the cab was via a voice tube. Not always popular with crew members when assigned to this vehicle!!! This vehicle 28 AG 00 on display is the very first that was supplied to the RAF Fire Service. As well as carrying out Crash Line duties 28 AG 00 was deployed in 1977 to St. George’s Barracks in Sutton Coalfield dring the National Fireman’s Strike, (Operation Burbury). The crews acted as a B.A. team in support of 42 Marine Commando and attended some 230 incidents in a 58 day period. It saw service at RAF units Manston, Newton and Swinderby before being sold at the end of its service. It was recovered from Lydden Motor Race Circuit in Kent where it had been used as fire and rescue truck. During its extensive restoration it revealed eight layers of paint which included red, green and Day-Glo. Seen at the Museum of RAF Firefighting.

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