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WN69 PKZ BrisDoc Honda CRV

Honda CRV
This car is one of four replacements for the Out of Hours Doctors cars for BrisDoc in Bristol. Four more cars are due to come into service in early 2020. Due to the change in contract in providing Out Of hours provision, SevernSide integrated Urgent Care Service was formed and gone into
partnership with the 111 service. This model of care is the new standard of Urgent Care within the NHS 999/111 service and will become operational across the UK in the coming year allowing Doctors, Nurses & Paramedics to attend home visits.

The Cars still have green lights to allow a clinician to attend urgent medical care when required. Also there are alley lights on the bar light to aid the clinician and driver to find house numbers at night.

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WN19 PYV, WN19 PYJ, WN19 PYX Epping Forest Constables Mitsubishi Out..

Epping Forest Constables
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
These three plug-in hybrid vehicles were new to Epping Forest in September 2019. They feature flashing lights that can show amber or blue depending on use. The vehicles can travel up to 28 miles on electric-only, fitting in with the peaceful nature of the park. Thanks to Mitsubishi for this information.

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8769 W Sanderson Brothers and Newbould Limited Commer PB

8769 W
Sanderson Brothers and Newbould Limited
Commer PB
Built in 1960 and has covered only 631 miles as of 2019. The vehicle left the factory in 1960 as a standard diesel engine van. It was one of a batch of three that were converted by special order to works fire engines for Sanderson and Newbould of Sheffield. The chassis was extended to house the Coventry Climax pump and part of the rear roof was moved forward to make a crew cab behind the driver. It was sold to Adam Industries of Pudsey, West Yorkshire, before passing into private ownership in 1995. It was bought in 2011 by the current owner who has restored it. Notice how it has amber lights to the front for emergency use, pre-dating the use of blue lights.

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YJ12 BCU North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Vauxhall Astra

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
Vauxhall Astra
The photos also show what it looked like in its previous life as a police response car. This Astra was being retired from front-line duties with North Yorkshire Police in 2019. Instead of sending it to auction as normal, the workshops converted it into a first responder car to give it a new lease of life. This arrangement was facilitated by NYP and NYFRS sharing workshop facilities.

When the vehicle entered service with NYFRS in summer 2019 it was initially used for transport duties before being properly used as a first responder car.

A sister vehicle is YJ12 BDZ which is exactly the same; an ex-police vehicle converted to a first responder.

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YJ13 EWX North Yorkshire Police Vauxhall Astra

North Yorkshire Police
Vauxhall Astra
This Astra served the North part of York all of its working life from 2013 to 2019. It was used by Safer Neighbourhood officers (PCSOs) and was a firm favourite with children at events where they got to sit in it and play with the blue lights and siren. Despite having a new gearbox fitted in 2018 it became less and less reliable. A severe engine breakdown in spring 2019 brought its police life to an end. It was replaced with a Peugeot 308 (YJ69 FMK) in autumn 2019.

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