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J133001 Ports of Jersey Iturri Toro 4×4

Ports of Jersey
Iturri Toro 4×4
This Spanish-built appliance was new to the fleet in 2018. It cost £400,000 and is smaller than more established 6×6 airport fire tenders. It weighs 24 tonnes compared to the older 32 tonne trucks. This means that it uses less fuel and has better acceleration (0-50 mph in 23 seconds). It is also more suited to the islands narrow winding roads when off-airfield.

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These historic photos dating from around 1971 show the fire brigade r..

These historic photos dating from around 1971 show the fire brigade responding to a fire call as a crowd gathers on the pavement. They are at a ‘persons reported’ call where there is information that someone may be trapped in a house fire. Two ambulances have also arrived on scene to deal with any casualties. Furthermore two police cars have also arrived to assist. The scene is at Avenue Road in Gateshead.

BBB 22J is the ERF fire engine (in brighter red)

ATN 336B is the AEC fire engine, recognised by the non black roof and conical blinker lights. This was always a Fossway engine but must have been in the reserve fleet at the time. It is maroon and parked immediately outside the house.

EBB 783  is an Emergency Tender ‘Charlie 4’  from Pilgrim Street, Newcastle. It is the maroon vehicle parked on the opposite side of the street.

The two ambulances are based at Gateshead.

WPT 214J is a British Leyland Mini Van from 1971. A second Mini Van is seen in the foreground. From 1969 the Austin and Morris badges were dropped and they were just known as the Mini Van. It is either a 848cc or 998cc version which were cosmetically the same. The vehicles are operated by Durham Constabulary during the short period of time when they covered Gateshead. In 1969 Gateshead county borough police merged into Durham county but just five years later in 1974 Gateshead was taken over by the newly formed Northumbria Police as part of the local authority boundary changes and the formation of the county of Tyne and Wear.

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8769 W Sanderson Brothers and Newbould Limited Commer PB

8769 W
Sanderson Brothers and Newbould Limited
Commer PB
Built in 1960 and has covered only 631 miles as of 2019. The vehicle left the factory in 1960 as a standard diesel engine van. It was one of a batch of three that were converted by special order to works fire engines for Sanderson and Newbould of Sheffield. The chassis was extended to house the Coventry Climax pump and part of the rear roof was moved forward to make a crew cab behind the driver. It was sold to Adam Industries of Pudsey, West Yorkshire, before passing into private ownership in 1995. It was bought in 2011 by the current owner who has restored it. Notice how it has amber lights to the front for emergency use, pre-dating the use of blue lights.

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YJ12 BCU North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Vauxhall Astra

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
Vauxhall Astra
The photos also show what it looked like in its previous life as a police response car. This Astra was being retired from front-line duties with North Yorkshire Police in 2019. Instead of sending it to auction as normal, the workshops converted it into a first responder car to give it a new lease of life. This arrangement was facilitated by NYP and NYFRS sharing workshop facilities.

When the vehicle entered service with NYFRS in summer 2019 it was initially used for transport duties before being properly used as a first responder car.

A sister vehicle is YJ12 BDZ which is exactly the same; an ex-police vehicle converted to a first responder.

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