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H220 UCX This Volvo ex-fire engine is owned by…

H220 UCX This Volvo ex-fire engine is owned by Firemans Lifts York. The owner is a firefighter in Bridlington, North Yorkshire and drives this vehicle in his spare time as a limousine. Notice how the blue rotating beacons on the roof have been covered in yellow, but the two repeater lights on the front have been left blue.

The rear view of the same appliance, showing an advertising board and further blue lights facing rearwards. Also notice that the yellow stripe up the side contains the company’s website address in place of the name of the fire service.

Inside, looking to the back of the vehicle from the passenger seat. It is unusually spacious inside because the cab has been extended back into where the water tank was. The front-most side lockers have been welded closed and new interior walls added.

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Q809 HNR is a quirky home-made miniature fire…

Q809 HNR is a quirky home-made miniature fire engine. Road-legal, it was built and is run by Leistershire F&R as a fund raising vehicle. At events it takes children on journeys from its (inflatable) fire station!

The rear view, showing the passengers. It has fully functioning blue flashing lights, but in place of a siren it has a very loud speaker system which plays cheesy pop records to warn people of its presence!

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Above we have a kid-size fire engine made from…

Above we have a kid-size fire engine made from a milk float! Called ‘Little Dennis’, it takes a small number of children on a ride (off the roads) and returns to it’s inflatable ‘fire station’. The vehicle has working blue lights and siren, as well as a miniature water jet to surprise passers-by! It carries the fake registration ‘999 FIRE’. Little Dennis raises funds for the Fire Service Benevolent Fund and is based in Cleveland Brigade, run by Hartlepool Green Watch.

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