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10 AY 11 RAF Fire Service Truck Airfield Crash Rescue Mk2A (TACR2A)

10 AY 11
RAF Fire Service
Truck Airfield Crash Rescue Mk2A (TACR2A)
The TACR2A is a variant of the TACR2 which was the replacement for the TACR1 and was introduced into the RAF Fire Service in 1977. The RAF ordered some 46 which had Gloster Saro bodywork. HCB-Angs also built a further 18. The TACR2 remained in service until 1985 and were replaced by the TACR2A. This was to be the last of the small rescue vehicles and would be replaced by the larger RIVs (Rapid Intervention Vehicle) which was the new parlance for a rescue vehicle. The main differences between the TACR2 and 2A were the front bumper and lighting arrangement and the use of fuel injected engine. The vehicle displayed 10 AY 11 served its days in ‘The Queens Flight’ deploying to various sites though out the UK helping to safeguard the Royal Family. The TACR2A lasted until the late 1990s. Seen at the Museum of RAF Firefighting.

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The following three photographs are of American…

The following three photographs are of American military fire appliances used in the UK. They don’t carry registration marks because they are not used on the public roads. Appliance 15 is a P-24 Water Ladder. Notice the red light bar and dark body colour.

This appliance (also numbered 15) is a RIV (Rapid Intervention Vehicle). It can also double-up as a communication vehicle.

Number 14 is a massive P-18 water carrier.

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