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06-D-37018 is a Land Rover Discovery 3 that…

06-D-37018 is a Land Rover Discovery 3 that is used by the Blue Cross animal welfare charity. It is seen here in the corporate colours towing a horse ambulance trailer box. The charity provides cover at all Irish horse race meetings as well as day-to-day cover for road accidents etc. In 2007 the service had a total of four vehicles.

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01-C-949 This Ford Fiesta is used by the…

01-C-949 This Ford Fiesta is used by the Airport Police in Ireland. Its distinctive yellow colour and amber flashing lights make it stand out on the apron. Notice that the light bar on the roof has amber and blue lenses.

The rear view of the same Fiesta. You can see that a huge matrix sign is mounted on the roof. It can read stop, follow me, <<= or =>>. Also notice that a blue filter has been placed over half of the amber beacon on the roof.

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03-D-51516 This Ford Explorer is used…

03-D-51516 This Ford Explorer is used by the airport police at Cork Airport. It is liveried very differently to the local Garda vehicles, with a band of blue and white checkers down each side and a dual purpose light bar. The amber lights can flash when it is driving on the apron, and the blue lights to indicate an emergency. Four large spot lamps on the roof help when patrolling at night.

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