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On 1 April 2015, the Highways Agency became Highways England. In 2003 the Highways Agency were granted extra powers to keep the traffic flowing on Britain’s road network. Highways Agency Traffic Officers (HATOs) can direct traffic, quickly set up diversions and move debris or immobilised vehicles from the road. This helps frees up traffic police officers to concentrate on law enforcement and driver education. The devolved administration operate their own services in the rest of the UK.

WX64 ZHY Highways Agency MAN / Angloco High Volume Pump


WX64 ZHY Highways Agency MAN / Angloco High Volume Pump with demountable pods.

This is the first fire engine-style vehicle of its kind for the Highways Agency and will be used to reduce the levels of flooding on major trunk roads. The pumps can move 9,000 litres per minute of water using 1,000 metres of hoses. Regular fire appliances are used when there is a risk to life due to flooding, but this vehicle is aimed at opening roads sooner. The unit will be based on the A1 at Bradbury and if successful could be followed by more such vehicles.

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NV09 CCD This VW Crafter is used by the Highways Agency …

NV09 CCD This VW Crafter is used by the Highways Agency to provide extra equipment at road collisions or other major incidents.
The rear view, showing a major asset of this vehicle: a large variable message matrix sign that folds up from the roof. Notice how the chevron markings on the rear continue down both sides of the van to make it’s overall high visibility livery.
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WU53 JCJ is a Mitsibushi Shogun HATO patrol car. It carries …

WU53 JCJ is a Mitsibushi Shogun HATO patrol car. It carries the usual black and yellow battenburg markings and amber flashing lights all-round, plus red to the rear only. Shown next to the car is the type of equipment carried to divert traffic. You can also see the HATO’s high-visibility jacket which is yellow on the lower half, orange on the upper half with blue epaulettes.
Another shot of the same car with out the signage around it.
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BU05 FMF is a Toyota Land Cruiser used by the traffic officers …

BU05 FMF is a Toyota Land Cruiser used by the traffic officers of the Highways Agency. The vehicle has a striking luminous yellow and black battenburg scheme on top of silver paint work. It carries a slim-line clear light bar on the roof, making it appear very much like a police vehicle from the front.
The rear windows of the vehicle carry the wording ‘TRAFFIC OFFICER’ to alert other motorists to its use.
In the rear of the 4×4, we can see some of the equipment it carries. This includes: cones, tape, fire blankets, emergency signage and water amongst other items.
With the rear door shut, we can see the dot matrix display in the rear window to give messages to other motorists. However, the spare wheel has had to be removed in order for it to be read clearly.
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RF03 LFU This Honda ST1100 motorbike can …

RF03 LFU This Honda ST1100 motorbike can be used by the HA for patrolling and escorting duties. It is in orange and white checker markings, and has amber flashing lights on the front and on a pole at the rear.
The rear and nearside view. Additional red flashing lights have been fitted, along with amber LED lights and a matrix sign. It has dual panniers and a top box to carry some equipment.
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This HA Honda motorbike is one of a pair that …

This HA Honda motorbike is one of a pair that are decked out with pink and blue squares. Notice that it has panniers and a top box for equipment, but the fire extinguisher is mounted in front of the box. Amber flashing lights are fitted to the front and on the top of the box. It has HA logos on all sides, and is operated on behalf of the HA by CF Motoring Services Ltd. to rescue stranded motorists and hence reduce congestion.
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WP53 ZTL is a Mitsubishi Shogun operated by The …

WP53 ZTL is a Mitsubishi Shogun operated by The Highways Agency. Although not an emergency vehicle, it is used to patrol major roads. The crew do not have the same rights as traffic police, but are able to direct traffic in the event of an incident.
From this view you can see how the livery differs from an emergency vehicle. We have yellow and black battenburg markings and orange and red flashing lights on the roof bar.
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