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This camouflage coloured Land Rover Defender is used…

This camouflage coloured Land Rover Defender is used by the Royal Military Police. It has two rotating blue lights on the roof and two-tone horns. It also carries a ‘Military Police’ plaque and Union Jack flag on the front.
The rear view. It is used by the RMP when on operations are is know as a Land Rover FFR (Fitted For Radio). The registration plates have been hidden for operational reasons.
Another camouflaged Land Rover is shown here. It is fitted with a full width light bar and you can also see a telescopic communications antenna on the side.
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SW02 EWN A RMP 2003 Vauxhall Vectra. This Scottish…

SW02 EWN A RMP 2003 Vauxhall Vectra. This Scottish-registered vehicle is one of a large fleet from Vauxhall’s special vehicle operations. Military police vehicles that are mainly used off-base tend to have civilian registrations and those mainly used on-base carry military registration plates (see cars below).
Similar Vectra’s were a common site in 2002 and 2003 as Vauxhall supplied many forces with 6-month demonstrators. This ‘police specification’ Vectra has some differences to the public version These include a strengthened roof, gaps for police radios in the dashboard and electro-magnetic shielding to help prevent interference with the internal comms.
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PA 30 AA A Royal Military Police Ford Mondeo. Notice…

PA 30 AA A Royal Military Police Ford Mondeo. Notice the military registration and the red berets of the officers. Military police vehicles usually carry the same colour livery as the police county they are based in.
The rear view. Notice that they have opted for the rarer saloon version of the Mondeo. This mark ran from 1996 to 2000. It has an ‘aspen’ trim level (the lowest) and a 1.8 turbo diesel engine.
The overhead view. The ‘RMP’ marking is to let a helicopter know this is a Royal Military Police vehicle.
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