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Mounted police are specially trained officers on horseback. The horses and associated vehicles are shown here.

YJ05 AHA This is another West Yorkshire Police truck…

YJ05 AHA This is another West Yorkshire Police truck used by the Mounted Section. It is a much newer Mercedes in the same livery as previous mounted police vehicles, with blue bodywork around the roof and side skirts. This 11-tonne truck also has the corporate West Yorks. yellow stripe.

The rear view. The rear half of this vehicle houses the horses, whereas the front is an office area for officers to be briefed, get changed and take breaks. Notice the lack of blue lights on this police vehicle.

The nearside view, giving an indication of the length of this truck.

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YN53 HLE This Mercedes Benz Atego is a horse transportation…

YN53 HLE This Mercedes Benz Atego is a horse transportation truck for South Yorkshire Police’s Mounted Department. Inside is a large area for the horses, as well as a smaller area for officer briefings or tea breaks. It is in a dark blue colour, with no emergency warning equipment.

Two officers emerge from the rear on their steeds. The horses are equipped with bright yellow coats to increase their presence on the roads. The officers wear riding hats with police markings rather than the traditional Custodian helmet or peaked cap.

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