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This is the very fast and agile Subaru…

This is the very fast and agile Subaru Impreza. This one is from North Yorkshire’s Western Area Road Policing (WARP) Unit.

The side view of the Impreza.

Below is an interior view of the Impreza, showing the various police equipment, including fold-down video monitor.

Here the Impreza is joined by a Ford Focus to answer a call.

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We start this section with a close look…

We start this section with a close look at a Honda ST1100 Pan-European unmarked traffic police bike. Here is the front of the dark green bike. The camera for recording traffic offences is arrowed and the clear lights mounted on top of each indicator flash blue when activated. It is sometimes difficult to picture what is required, as the camera is fixed to point straight ahead only.

This is the rider’s view. All of the regular motorbike controls are there, with added police radio, speed checking equipment and lights and siren activation switches.

Here is one of the rear panniers open to show the TV monitor. When a motorist is stopped, they can immediately be shown their driving by the police officer. The video recorder is kept on constantly while out on patrol.

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Now let’s take a close look at the…

Now let’s take a close look at the rear of a UK patrol bike: There is an extendable blue xenon flashing light on the pole, as well as a on/off flashing light mounted centrally at the rear. These are supplemented by two rear facing red flashing lights (for use by themselves when stopped on a motorway or with the blue lights). The aerials for the radios are clearly seen, as well as the high-visibility markings on the rear. The wording ‘police’ is not too large as it is quite clear this is an emergency vehicles by its markings.

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