CYY 299C This is an Austin Gipsy AFS (Auxilary…

CYY 299C This is an Austin Gipsy AFS (Auxilary Fire Service) vehicle. It did not see very much action in its life: most of the time it was stored as a reserve and amazingly covered only 3,000 miles from 1965 to 1997! Note the amber lights above the headlights – a forerunner of blue flashing lights.

The rear view of the same Gipsy. This is a 1965 (series 4) example with the 2.2 lire petrol engine producing a frugal 72 bhp. The canvas back and all of the tyres are original and unrestored. The Austin Gipsy was built from 1958 to 1968 and is commonly mistaken for a Land Rover.

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