Disused Warehouse Fire (2004)

Disused Warehouse Fire (2004)

A large fire breaks out in a disused warehouse in Leeds

Several appliances are called to the scene to tackle the flames. This photograph shows a pumping appliance drawing water from a near by hydrant.

Firemen tackle the blaze from outside, inside and above the building.

YD02 TYT is an Volvo / Angloco aerial ladder platform from the Kirkstall Road station in Leeds.

S803 EUB is a West Yorkshire Volvo pumping appliance.

YE03 XJV is another Volvo appliance with Emergency One bodywork. The equipment lockers and pump controls can clearly be seen.

YH53 FKZ is a marked up Volkswagen Passat diesel estate fire car used by a West Yorkshire Fire service senior officer. It is joined here with R959 RHL, a WYMAS Mercedes ambulance and a West Yorkshire Police Vauxhall Astra panda car.

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