EU04 MAA is a Ford Galaxy from the first batch …

EU04 MAA is a Ford Galaxy from the first batch batch of marked cars used by VOSA. It has yellow and black battenburg side markings, yellow and orange chevrons at the rear and a roof bar with amber lights & variable matrix signing.

The front view, as you may see in your rear-view mirror when the inspectors wish to stop you. There are amber repeaters on the grille and a clear ‘VOSA’ sign on the high-visibility yellow bonnet. It has a white tax disc that grants the vehicle exemption from vehicle excise duty.

The rear and roof aspect. The long variable message matrix sign can be seen on the amber lightbar. Also the wording ‘enforcement control’ is written on the roof.

Inside the back of the Galaxy is a small amount of equipment, including temporary road and information signs. There is a very small rear-facing camera at the top left. An identical camera faces forwards on the dashboard. These cameras record whenever the vehicle is in use and have been used for prosecutions.

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