HD51 LHH In the next few photographs we take a look …

HD51 LHH In the next few photographs we take a look around this Network Rail Ford Transit ‘Rail Command Unit’. It is used to attend major incidents on the railways. It is a high-roof, long-wheelbase model with amber flashing lights behind the front grille.

The rear view. It is decked out in orange and blue battenburg markings, with gaps between them.

On the roof is an extending Nightscan floodlight mast (with cctv camera), a radio mast, video and satellite facilities (to receive pictures from a helicopter).

Looking down onto the roof, you can see how the floodlights are stowed when the vehicle is in motion.

Inside, we can see the TV to see the cctv pictures, as well as the video to record them alongside other flush-mounted equipment.

The vehicle also acts as a mobile command centre at railway incidents, offering an office equipped with phone, fax and tracking facilities.

Opening the rear doors of the Transit reveals an array of useful equipment, including lights and a generator. The controls for the telescopic masts can also be seen.

The Rail Command Unit also has a trailer which complements its work. Carrying the same livery, it carries an inflatable shelter which fits alongside the passenger side of the van. The shelter is used to extend the amount of covered space there is for the command centre.

The other side of the shelter. In this scene from an exercise an older Ford Transit is being used. It carries ‘Railtrack’ wording, the predecessor of Network Rail, and ‘Rail Incident Command Vehicle’.

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