Safety Camera Vans
Safety camera (or speed camera) vans are often operated by the police in conjunction with other services, such as a safety camera partnership. They are not emergency vehicles and are either fitted with amber flashing lights or no light bar at all. They are used to service static safety cameras and are also used as mobile camera units.

Police - Safety Camera Vans
NK09 FJY A Ford Transit safety camera van operated by Durham Constabulary.
The rear view, along with two roads police officers.
Police - Safety Camera Vans
YJ13 EZX A Vauxhall Vivaro safety camera van. It is one of three identical vehicles that were introduced in 2013 to North Yorkshire. Previous to this was a trial with one van and before this there were no fixed or mobile safety cameras in the county.
The rear view of the low-key vehicle.
A view of the rear with the camera hatch open.
The camera as seen from the inside. If required, it can be moved to point out of the side door instead.
A 360 degree view is captured by numerous additional cameras. This helps to record motorbike's rear registration plates and other driving misdemeanours.
Police - Safety Camera Vans
A Mercedes Vito safety camera van. It is operated by Gloucestershire's council, police and fire services.
A look at the other side of the van.
The rear view with two hatches for two camera positions.
Inside the rear, showing the two hatches for cameras and the basic kit. An office chair is bungeed to the wall when the van in moving.
A closer look at the bonnet showing the partnership.
Police - Safety Camera Vans
YR12 EYF This BTP Ford Transit is operated in conjunction with the DVLA and Network Rail. It is usually deployed at level crossing to catch motorists who ignore the red flashing lights.
The rear view of the multi-agency vehicle.
A look at the vehicle from above showing the camera positions.
Police - Safety Camera Vans
NK07 FHR This Vauxhall Vivaro is operated by Durham Constabulary.
The rear view showing the hatch where the camera will be deployed from.
A closer look at the hatch with the speed detecting camera now on show.
Inside an officer operates the camera and ancillary equipment.
A closer look at the camera seen from the operator's viewpoint.
Police - Safety Camera Vans
BG58 VEK This is the first safety camera van used by North Yorkshire Police. It is a Ford Transit and was introduced in 2011 as a trial to target speeding and accident blackspots.
The rear view of the van. The main camera is pointed out the rear window. Additional cameras around the van record passing traffic and can capture registration plates of motorbikes after they have triggered the speed camera. Small police markings are also shown.
A view of the van from 100m away. It is difficult to pick out that it is a police safety camera van due to the minimal markings.
Police - Safety Camera Vans
DA55 EAO This Mercedes Sprinter is used jointly by Network Rail and the British Transport Police as part of a Railway Safety Camera Partnership.
The rear view, showing the spacious interior. A typical use of this vehicle would be to capture video evidence of drivers flouting level crossing rules.
A close up look at the two logos adorning the side.
The vehicle in its previous role as a rail incident support unit with amber light bars. Note the registration plate is the same.
Police - Safety Camera Vans
SY58 CBU This camera van is used by the Northern Safety Camera Partnership in Scotland. It carries speed camera signs on all sides and police colours but with amber lights on the roof. Notice that it does not have any ‘police’ signs. The van is not crewed by police officers and is run by a multi-agency partnership, funded directly by Scottish Government. Revenue raised goes direct to the Scottish Court Service and not to the Partnership or the Constabulary.

The rear view, showing a rear window open for the camera to focus clearly on traffic in the distance. The web address of the Northern Safety Camera Partnership is shown. This allows the public to see where the camera van will be located, among other facts.

Police - Safety Camera Vans
BX57 BEJ This is a Fiat Panda that is in service with Warwickshire Police. It is a mobile speed camera car that was converted by GRS-conversions.
Police - Safety Camera Vans
SX04 FFV This Ford Transit camera van is operated by Northern Constabulary. It carries police-style blue and yellow battenburg colours but no overt 'police' signs.
Police - Safety Camera Vans
MX57 VDC is a silver VW Transporter used by Greater Manchester Police's "Drivesafe". It carries the scheme's logo on the bonnet and a small force crest on the sides.
The rear view of three such vehicles, all unregistered and awaiting being brought into service at Openshaw.
Police - Safety Camera Vans
HX54 KKF shares the same livery as the rest of Hampshire's fleet. However this Ford Transit Connect is a Safety Camera Unit van, used by civilian staff to maintain safety (speed) cameras. There are no 'police' markings on it, and it is fitted with amber lights.
Police - Safety Camera Vans
NK07 FHR This is a Durham Constabulary safety / speed camera van. It is not filled with any blue lights, as it is used pro-actively. Large camera signs can be seen on all sides and the rear window is open with the camera and operator inside.
Police - Safety Camera Vans
This is a Norfolk Constabulary safety camera unit, commonly known as a mobile speed camera. It is a yellow Mercedes van with one band of battenburg up the side and amber flashing beacons.
Police - Safety Camera Vans
X398 YUP This is a Road Casualty Reduction Unit, which included the only speed camera (including Gatsos) in Durham Constabulary's area in 2001. However, there are many marked and unmarked police cars with on-board recording equipment!
The rear view of the red Mercedes Vito showing the operator's position and the camera equipment.