Markets Police
Market police forces are set up to patrol specific markets in town or city centres. They carry out a similar role to security guards.

Police - Markets Police

In this action scene, an officer from Birmingham Market Police takes a suspect to the ground while trying to detain them.

The Birmingham Market Police was officially ended in 1976 when the employees ceased to be constables. However the name lives on today as the service continued, although the employees are not recognised as police officers.
A look at the uniform of the Birmingham Market Police from the rear as an officer surveys the empty market at the end of the day. The service does operate a small unmarked van but is primarily focussed on foot patrols.
A close up look at the cap and cap badge that is worn by the Birmingham Market Police. The cap is similar to traffic police officers' with a white top. On the blue circle of the crest are the words ‘Market Police’.
Police - Markets Police

EF07 MKO This is a Ford Ranger that is used by New Spitalfield Market Constabulary. It has a simple red stripe down the side and an amber light bar. It is the only car used by the constabulary that is part of the City of London Corporation.

The rear view. Notice how the amber light cannot be seen from the rear when the car is being driven around the grounds of the large fruit and veg market. They deal with matters including stopping illegal immigrants and providing emergency medical assistance.

Inside the Truckman rear are wheel clamps, road cones and granules to soak up diesel spills.
Police - Markets Police

P838 HMC Billingsgate Market Constabulary uses this Vauxhall Astra estate. It has a yellow stripe down each side and constabulary markings. It is the only vehicle they have to get around the fish market site.

The rear view, showing flammable and compressed gas warning signs. The car previously had a blue light attached to the roof that has now been permanently removed.

A close-up look at the markings on the driver’s door. Billingsgate Market Constabulary is one of three market constabularies under the City of London Corporation.
Police - Markets Police
A constable of Smithfield Market Constabulary poses by the entrance to their office. The constabulary do not operate any vehicles as they can easily walk around the meat market. The constabulary falls under the City of London Corporation.
A view of the outside of the market, showing one of the three main covered streets running through it.
Police - Markets Police

A Beadle of Burlington Arcade poses in a shop entrance wearing the traditional uniform of top hat and waistcoat. The Beadles are there to enforce the rules of the arcade and have been doing so since its opening in 1819.

Rules include no whistling, no running and no carrying of large items. They claim to be the smallest private police force in existence with four beadles.

A general view of the 200 metre long covered luxury arcade they patrol. Due to its compact and indoor nature, no vehicles are required by the Beadles.
A plaque showing some of the rules enforced by the Beadles.
Police - Markets Police
T729 BVC is with Liverpool Markets Poliuce and is a Vauxhall Combo 1.7D van.

The rear view of the van, with Crimestoppers and City Safe logos.

Liverpool was the first city to introduce markets police in 1860. The force operated at the Edge Lane market where they provided security, bye-law enforcement and traffic management services. The service was disbanded in 2005 by Liverpool City Council.

Police - Markets Police
This K-registration Ford Transit was used by Liverpool Markets Police. It has a blue and white striped band running around the waistline and a blue light bar on the roof.
The side view of the Transit, showing fire extinguishers among other equipment.