JEN 507G is a 1968 Haflinger ‘First Aider’ fire…

JEN 507G is a 1968 Haflinger ‘First Aider’ fire engine. This very small fire engine is by Ryders / Schofield & Sons and was originally painted yellow. The role of the vehicle was to be a first response to fires in difficult terrain, such as off-road. This was helped by its selectable four wheel drive but hindered by its 28 bhp engine.

The side view of this diminutive engine. Two firemen would fill the cramped cabin and it is easy for an adult to look over the top of it. It has a 50 gallon water tank, equipment lockers and a small set of ladders on the roof. This was the only vehicle ever built and served in Sedburgh (Cumbria) until 1981.

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