This is a RAF bomb disposal Scimitar CVR(T) armoured …

This is a RAF bomb disposal Scimitar CVR(T) armoured personnel carrier (tank). The CVR(T) stands for Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked). It has a top speed of 70 mph on tarmac and is powered by a Jaguar V12 engine. This is used to protect the lives of the disposal experts as they deal with unexploded munitions dropped onto an airfield from a safe distance. It carries its own military registration plate.

Another view of the Leyland bomb disposal truck. The Met have 4 full time bomb disposal officers all civilians with the honorary rank of Superintendent and all are ex army bomb disposal officers. They all have police officers as drivers and have a fleet of 3 specially equipped Range Rovers which they use as rapid response vehicles. They also have several other specialist vehicles including 2 adapted Mercedes Sprinter box vans which they use to transport their “wheelbarrow” remote control bomb disposal machines. They are based at a Central London Location (not the yard) and respond to all suspect packages / devices around the Met. The only time the army are used in the Met area is when any WW2 ordnance is found where it takes a long time to deal with and the police bomb disposal units would be tied up for too long reducing their ability to respond to other incidents.

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