Y91 LAN This is a Saab 95 estate. Its powerful turbo…

Y91 LAN This is a Saab 95 estate. Its powerful turbo-charged engine makes it ideal for the Medical Rescue Team based at Oulton Park motor racing circuit. This car is fully road legal and had been driven to the event by the team.

Here is another view of the modified 95 estate provided by the rescue team (showing one of the paramedics).  It has 270 bhp provided by an upgraded ecu chip. Upgraded brakes and suspension and touring car tyres keep it on the track, most of the time! The car was donated to Octagon Motorsport at Oulton Park by SAAB UK. The vehicle is due to be replaced with a newer 93 estate in 2003. The circuit also runs a Toyota donated in 1995. The purpose of the cars at OP is to get a definitive medical response to any incident within 1 min! The equipment range is vast, covering everything you would expect from an A+E based hospital response unit, even a portable anesthetic unit.

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