Police Air Bases

Police Air Bases
The National Police Air Service (NPAS) started operations in October 2012. It gradually took over all existing police helicopters and bases from individual forces from this date onwards.

Call Sign Registration Base Near Major City
NPAS 13 G-POLB NPAS Boreham Chelmsford
NPAS 15 G-SUSX NPAS Redhill London
NPAS 16 G-TVHB NPAS Benson Oxford
NPAS 21 G-POLC NPAS Barton Manchester
NPAS 22 G-CPAO NPAS Hawarden Chester
NPAS 31 G-CMBS NPAS Carr Gate Leeds
NPAS 32 G-NEAU NPAS Newcastle Newcastle
NPAS 43 G-WCAO NPAS Filton Bristol
NPAS 44 G-DCPB NPAS Exeter Exeter
NPAS 45 G-SUSX NPAS Bournemouth Bournemouth
NPAS 47 G-NWOI NPAS St Athan Cardiff
NPAS 51 G-POLA NPAS Birmingham Birmingham
NPAS 54 G-EMID NPAS Husbands Bosworth Coventry
NPAS 61 G-MPSA NPAS London London
NPAS 62 G-MPSB NPAS London London
NPAS 63 G-MPSC NPAS London London
TBC* TBC* NPAS Doncaster Doncaster

* NPAS Doncaster is due to come online in August 2017 as a national base for fixed wing aircraft.

All helicopters are Eurocopter EC135s or 145s. The fixed wing aircraft (on order at the time of writing) will be Vulcanair P68s.

In its short existence, the NPAS has had to find cost savings and this has resulted in the closure of some long-standing helicopter bases. Closed units are:

NPAS Durham Tees Valley – closed March 2017
NPAS Warton – closed March 2017
NPAS Wattisham – closed March 2017
NPAS Pembrey – closed January 2016
NPAS Rhuddlan Рclosed September 2015
NPAS Halfpenny Green
NPAS Sheffield
NPAS Ripley

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