LP 8389 ex-London Fire Brigade Dennis Type N

LP 8389
ex-London Fire Brigade
Dennis Type N

The open-top appliance has two seats at the front and wooden planks down the side for firemen to sit on as the keep hold of the ladder. A traditional bell is mounted at the front as well as the hole to enter the cranking handle to start it.

New in 1916, this appliance has quite some history behind it! It started life with London Fire Brigade in 1916 and was retired in 1932. It then became the factory fire engine for Joseph Crosfield and Sons Limited in Warrington. In 1955 they decided to donate it to Imperial College London for educational purposes. Four brave students drove the temperamental appliance some 200 miles from Warrington to London at speeds of up to 35 mph! It remains with Imperial College today.

Some of its TV and film appearances include Blue Peter in 1982 and Downton Abbey in 2014.

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