Category: Nuclear Constabulary

The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) is a small specialised police force that was formed in April 2005, replacing the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary (UKAEAC). Its role is to protect nuclear sites and materials.

PX51 DDF This is a CNC Ford Focus. It has had a…

PX51 DDF This is a CNC Ford Focus. It has had a slight livery change to reflect the change over from UKAEAC to CNC. It now carries the CNC force badge on the front doors and the website address on the bonnet and rearmost side windows.

The rear view of the same Focus. Notice how the blue light bar has a directional spotlight sprouting from it. The light bar is also attached via the roof rails to avoid damaging the roof and therefore improving the car’s residual value. This example was photographed (with permission) at British Nuclear Fuel’s Sellafield site on the Cumbrian coast.