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Other emergency services that are not police, fire or ambulance

LD21 OPZ, DU71 RDV, YE68 SNY Hackney Council Three of the Civil Prot..

Hackney Council
Three of the Civil Protection fleet in Stoke Newington, London, posing in front of their underground control centre. The vehicles are CSV05, a Citroen Dispatch response vehicle; CSV01, a Renault Master Forward Control Point command centre; CSV04, a Mercedes Sprinter Emergency Logistics vehicle used for carrying everything from rest centre equipment in steel cages, to mobile generators or any other humanitarian relief equipment.

FN20 XEA Network Rail Iveco Daily

Network Rail
Iveco Daily
Emergency response unit. It has an office-based control desk and rear tail lift with load space for carrying various equipment. It also boasts an inflatable shelter, train evacuation ramps, overhead line emergency equipment, portable lighting, fatality screen, rail stretcher and bulk PPE. It is fitted with amber flashing lights but also fitted with blues and twos however these can only be used with specialist trained driver.

FN52 FFP Mitsubishi Shogun

Mitsubishi Shogun
Used as a security vehicle in rural Lincolnshire. It is parked at the side of the road in police-style colours with a blue light bar fitted. Illuminated blue lights are placed on a post right next to it. It slows traffic on a long straight stretch of road due to it looking so much like a police vehicle from a distance.

Ford Raptor

Ford Raptor
This vehicle is beign used to demonstrate the reflective markings that have been applied. Notice in particular the black that still reflects light when the flash fires.

CE14 XDC Dacia Duster

Dacia Duster
Includes badges for Response, Rescue and a warning to keep your distance as it could be a insurance scam car