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The Channel Island of Jersey has separate honorary police forces in each of its 12 parishes. Unpaid volunteers are actively involved in policing alongside the paid officers of the island-wide States of Jersey Police. Honorary police duties include road vehicle checks, licensed premises checks, policing major events and charging offenders. The French version “Police Honorifique” is often used on vehicles and buildings.

The honorary police forces are: Saint Brelade, Saint Clement, Grouville, Saint Helier, Saint John, Saint Lawrence, Saint Martin, Saint Mary, Saint Ouen, Saint Peter, Saint Saviour and Trinity.

J67577 St Clement Honorary Police Mitsubishi Outlander

St Clement Honorary Police
Mitsubishi Outlander
St Clement parish have had this 4×4 since 2013 but after two years’ service it was still yet to receive it’s badges. This car replaces a black Ford Fiesta. The local parish get to keep any revenue from speeding fines and this is one of the examples of what they spend it on.