Category: Diplomatic Protection

Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection is a branch of the Metropolitan police in London. It was formerly known as the Diplomatic Protection Group (DPG). They have responsibility for the protection of the diplomatic community in London. This includes protecting embassies, official residences (such as 10 Downing Street), Parliament, other important buildings and prominent individuals. They do not carry out ordinary police duties and this is indicated by their red vehicles.

LX53 LCN A police outrider talks to a colleague on foot…

LX53 LCN A police outrider talks to a colleague on foot at the entrance to Downing Street, London. The motorbike is a silver BMW R1150 RT-P is in service with the Metropolitan Police.

The side view of this silver motorbike. Notice something very rare about the rider: he has a gun attached to his belt.

A close up of the Glock gun in the photo above. The officers is attached to SO16, the Diplomatic Protection Group.

The side view of the same bike as the rider makes a U-turn on Whitehall. Notice how the minimal livery and silver colour makes the bike difficult to distinguish as a police vehicle.