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HM Revenue and Customs was formed in April 2005 by merging the Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise. HMRC is responsible for collecting most tax revenue as well as paying tax credits and benefits, and strengthening the UK’s frontiers.

This 56-registration Mercedes Sprinter van is used …

This 56-registration Mercedes Sprinter van is used as a Mobile Radiation Detection Unit. It is operated jointly by HM Revenue and Customs, the Home Office and the Police. The livery can be adapted to show who is using the vehicle. It has two clear light bars on the roof as well as two amber flashing beacons. It is part of Programme Cyclamen which monitors ports, airports and major thoroughfares for radioactive material being carried illegally (potentially to make a dirty bomb).

This is a mock-up of a similar radiation detection vehicle with slightly different livery. It is one of a number of marked and unmarked vehicles which cost around £350,000 each. They contain specialist detection equipment which means that they can drive down the side of a truck and are able to detect if any radioactive substances are inside.

VE54 ELV is a Renault Master an that is used …

VE54 ELV is a Renault Master an that is used in the special role of vehicle fuel testing. The vehicle wears an orange, yellow and blue side stripe as well as the operators logo and name on the side.

Vehicles using the road in the UK have to pay an excise duty on the fuel they use. This mobile laboratory has been specially created to enable vehicle fuels to be tested at the roadside rather than being sent away for analysis. The most common breaches of law are using red diesel and ‘home-made’ fuel from cooking oil.

The rear view of the van showing its high visibility markings, chemical warning signs and a single orange light bar.