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Airwave is a national radio communications network that allows all of the emergency services to have their own channels and to talk directly to other services. Communications at major incidents can be improved by the emergency response vehicles shown in this section.

E1 AWV on field trials with its …

E1 AWV This Mercedes Vito has been converted to an Emergency Response Vehicle for communications at a major emergency on the London Underground. Three such vehicles are kept in secure garages and can respond with 30 minutes notice. They are run by the company O2 as they operate the Airwave service.

The side view of the same vehicle. It is fitted with blue lights and another obvious addition is the telescopic mast protruding from the roof (with the top covered by a bag). A small amount of advertising for the company that run it can be seen along the side skirt. Inside is an array of communications equipment, including 1km of cabling, that can allow radios to work underground.

The final version of the van on field trials with its telescopic antenna partially erect.

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