Olympic Torch Relay (2012)

Olympic Torch Relay (2012): Over 70 days during May, June and July 2012, the Metropolitan Police led the Olympic flame around 8,000 miles of the UK assisted by local police forces. The route ended in London where the flame entered the Olympic Stadium and burned throughout the Summer Games.

The reason that such a large escort event was planned: so people could see the Olympic flame close up.

It is rare to see a pillion on a police motorbike, but here we see an Olympic mascot hitching a ride.

Another of the large number of police motorbikes used.

This West Yorkshire officer offers a high-five to the crowd as he passes. A spirit of fun and approachability was evident from all the police involved, more so than on any normal day.

YD12 ZSU This part of the convoy shows (from foreground to background) a North Yorkshire police motorbike, a Met Police BMW escort car, an Olympic BMW escort car with variable message sing, an Olympic coach carrying torch bearers and finally a truck of dancing people to gee the crowd up.

A closer look at the BMW that was loaned to the Met for the duration of the event.

A closer look at one of the torch relay buses being escorted through the temporarily closed streets.

A Met Police officer waving to the crowd as he rides past.

Here are two Met Police officers who run closely alongside the torch bearer. Notice the small Met Police crest on the chest and lack of any personal protective equipment.

More crowd waving as more parts of the convoy approach.

This Met Police officer is using a cycle to escort the torch. On his left arm is a warrant card holder.

In addition to the normal equipment on this police escort bike are a union flag and a water bottle.

The celebratory mood continues as officers park up at the end of the day.

The rear view of the line up of bikes used from various forces supporting the Metropolitan Police.

Everywhere the torch went, thousands of photographs were taken. This Humberside officer gets into a vantage point with his camera ready on the roof.

YD12 ZSO A key vehicle is this Met Police BMW X5 that was loaned by Olympic sponsor BMW for the duration of the event.

The side view shows that the Met took the opportunity to advertise their Twitter feed. The car is labelled as ‘BMW TR3’, TR meaning Torch Relay.

The rear view shows the variable message sign that read ‘Olympic Torch Relay Do Not Pass’.

This Humberside bike has gained a green flag for some reason as part of the fun.

YJ09 EWX Where the Olympic flame was carried across grassland, local forces supplied various means of escorting it including this off road scrambler bike.

The rear view of the police Husqvarna scrambler bike.

More motorbikes riding in convoy.

This officer ensures the road ahead is clear for the imminent arrival of the torch bearer escort.

An officer rides at speed ahead of the main convoy. Outside of built up areas, the flame was carried by vehicles before returning to be carried by a running torch bearer.

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