Road Traffic Collision (1999)

Road Traffic Collision (1999): A car hits a pedestrian on a dull and wet day in the village of Marley Hill, Tyne and Wear. See how the scene developed and how the emergency services responded.
Two Volvo T5’s race to the scene of the serious RTA with lights and sirens on. The road is wet and they have to make sure they don’t cause or become another accident themselves.
At the scene – mayhem. Emergency vehicles have been abandoned to see to casualties, and traffic on the A692 is quite heavy.
G-NAAS is called in to air lift the casualty who has suspected spinal problems. The North East Air Ambulance is available to respond to any incident in the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham and Cleveland counties. It has landed in between flower beds on a small piece of public land. Police officers help the paramedics.
Below, the view South. The first vehicle is a Land Rover discovery QRU ambulance (Quick Response Unit). Rarely used for transporting patients, it is used to treat them while waiting for a ambulance, or in this case the air ambulance. To it’s right is the Vauxhall Nova left in situ where it skidded to a stop after the impact. To it’s right is a Volvo traffic police car.
The view North after a couple of minutes. Officers begin to cone off the road, erect ‘Police Accident’ signs and tidy up as well as controlling the traffic.
Below, the air ambulance begins to lift off. The sound and down draft are tremendous.
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