The NYF&R team prepare the fire boat for…

The NYF&R team prepare the fire boat for launch into the River Ouse at York.

A look here at the dashboard of the fire boat. It is fitted with a sophisticated moving mapping system and global positioning system, as well as radios and a mobile telephone. The boats position can be found to a few meters, so you’ll never be lost!

One of the NYF&R Landrovers has winched the boat and trailer into the river. If the situation allows, the Landrover can reverse the boat down the slipway as an alternative means of launching (shown below).

The fire crew can just about be seen here through the undergrowth. They are on a training exercise a couple of miles from York.

The smaller red fire boat practices towing the larger yellow boat. This could easily be a member of the public who’s engine has failed for some reason. Notice the yellow boat’s engines are out of the water.

Both boats can be seen here as the crew of the yellow boat unties the ropes after the successful tow.

The crew take a breather for a debrief. There is no chance of you missing this bright yellow boat easily!

A picture of the new fire boat on it’s trailer. It is towed by a red fire Landrover.

This is the new NYF&R fire boat. It was bought in November 01 and is based at the York station. The older orange RIB (below) is still being kept. Selected fire-fighters are trained on the boat, but still answer calls in the engines most of the time. This picture shows a ‘fly-past’ for me with the blue flashing lights on (top rear of boat).

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