Cliff Rescue (2012)

Cliff Rescue (2012): In this series of photographs we see how a minor cliff rescue operation is carried out by the Coastguard to rescue a small dog.

HF54 JPJ On receiving the 999 call for help, a Coastguard Nissan Navara makes its way to the scene using blue flashing lights.

A look at the side of the 4×4 as it parks up at the foot of the cliffs.

On the roof is a water rescue craft and inside is rope rescue equipment.

The single crew member climbs out and begins to appraise the situation.

Powerful binoculars are used to try and locate the dog. The view from the bottom of the cliff is much better than trying to look down from the top. The dog’s owners are at the top of the cliff and have just been accompanied by another Coastguard rope rescue team.

The team at the top of the cliff set up a tripod that will act an a ground anchor for lowering a cliff rescue team member.

The descent begins with bystanders keeping well clear of the winch area.

The rescuer makes his way 40 feet down the cliff but is still not near the dog.

The ground crew are in radio contact with the clifftop crew and help direct the abseil.

Behind a small hill, part way down the cliff, the rescuer picks up the dog and places it inside a red waterproof bag ready for hoisting. Due to the unpredictability of animals in this situation, it is completely enclosed in the bag with a small gap left for breathing.

One of the coastguard crew signals as the final part of the ascent is made.

The rescue is complete and the ecstatic owner is reunited with her errant pooch.