Flooding (2012)

Flooding (2012)

In this scenario we see how firefighters respond to an incident of flooding. An important road is at serious risk of being flooded by rising river levels. Elsewhere residents are being evacuated from properties.

YJ57 BZE Firefighters and council workmen prepare to build a makeshift dam to prevent the river spilling onto the roadway.

A TV reporter prepares to record a link from within the flooded river.

YJ60 FOF Firefighters use Land Rovers that are suited to these conditions. This one has high ground clearance, a snorkel for the engine air intake, a winch and an inflatable boat.

The same Land Rover with most of its equipment in use.

YJ10 LLO The rear view of a second Land Rover showing the boat carried.

Building work on the dam. Sandbags are covered with think waterproof membrane while pumps run to keep the water at bay for a little longer.

NX54 DKJ, YJ57 BZF The road is blocked by fire appliances. If the firefighters don’t work quickly, then the road will quickly become impassable by flood water.

A high volume pumping unit is deployed.

WX54 VJM This is the Prime Mover that demounted the high volume pumping unit from its rear.

The road is partially flooded but still passable by traffic in one direction.

YK12 GTU Floods in other neighbouring areas mean that fire vehicles are responding to other incidents. Here an appliance makes its way through the flood water on route to such a call.

YK12 GTU A closer look at the Scarborough appliance that is over 40 miles away from its home station assisting stretched colleagues.

Near by the river has risen to many meters above its normal level, inundating a number of premises.

Despite the best efforts of the firefighters and council workmen, the road is flooded next to the dammed area.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the river, fire crews are working to evacuate residents and help others who do not want to evacuate.

Firefighters use a rigid inflatable boat to transport rescued members of the public to a small jetty.

A TV reporter tells viewers about the efforts made. He walks over a hastily constructed pontoon.

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