Herm Trailer Pumps

Herm Trailer Pumps

Herm is served by two trailers of fire equipment. The larger trailer is a water tank and is towed by any available tractor. The smaller trailer carries branches and a pump and can be towed by any available 4×4 quad bike. Other types of motor vehicle are not permitted on the 200 hectare island, which is off the East cost of Guernsey.

Since 2001 Herm have been volunteers with the States of Guernsey Fire Service. Prior to this, they were an independent body of volunteers.

Firefighters are alerted to incidents by recorded voice message to mobile phones. The volunteers travel to the fire station which is located centrally on the island. They disconnect the trickle chargers for the pump starter motors and hitch the trailers up to any available tractor or quad bike.

The crew train with firefighters on Guernsey and can call upon their colleagues in the event of a large incident. Should this be needed, the Guernsey firefighters requisition any available boat to sail across to Herm.

The fire station is a wooden building that was opened in 2015. As well as housing the trailers, there is a small room where the firefighters outer clothing and helmets are stored and a large inflatable tent.

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