Windermere Fire Exercise

We had the pleasure of being invited to watch some of Cumbria’s retained firefighters training in April 2023. The fire call was to Oldfield Road Garage Ltd who had kindly allowed the service to practice there. After the trainers set up using Windermere’s Land Rover PX57 ETK, the first vehicle to arrive was Windermere’s pump NJ71 FPF, after travelling on blue lights for less than a minute from the fire station on the next street.

The trainers had used smoke bombs to replicate a burning building with casualties played by manikins. Breathing apparatus was quickly donned and hose reels extended. The road was coned off to allow a safe space to work.

Meanwhile a number of other retained crews from neighbouring stations began arriving in their appliances. Staveley (PY68 RHE) and Ambleside (PX11 AFF) attended along with a watch manager (PX16 MHO).

The scene was complicated by it being on a narrow residential road and because of the temporary traffic lights at one end. Fire appliances blocked the road causing motorists to take alternative routes.

Positive pressure ventilation fans were used to help clear the smoke filled building and all casualties were rescued.


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