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G-MCGE HM Coastguard Sikorsky S-92A

HM Coastguard
Sikorsky S-92A
The Bristow-operated Coastguard helicopter is seen here rescuing a gentlemen from the roof of a cathedral. After lowering a medic and a stretcher the man in winched up into the helicopter that is hovering over the Minster in York, drawing large crowds. The narrow spiral staircases taking visitors to the roof of the buidling are not suitable for stretchering someone down. The Coastguard provide search and rescue helicopters for the whole country and practice every few years winching someone off the roof of York Minster.

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G-BEXJ Channel Islands Air Search Britten-Norman BN-2A-26 Islander

Channel Islands Air Search
Britten-Norman BN-2A-26 Islander
This aircraft is a temporary replacement for the damaged Islander G-CIAS. A permanent replacement is due in Summer/Autumn 2017. The original aircraft was damaged beyond repair in an emergency landing due to engine problems in November 2013. The yellow rear wing was salvaged and attached to this temporary replacement. Only basic SAR equipment is fitted to this Islander, with a lot more emphasis on looking out of the windows rather than at screens.

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SM66 KJV Tweed Valley MRT Mercedes Sprinter

Tweed Valley MRT
Mercedes Sprinter
Incident Control Unit. New in December 2016, the vehicle has been custom built for the team. Inside is a briefing area, tv/monitor screen, 3 workstations and a printer. The vehicle has two VHF radios as well as a duel SIM Card router to create a permanent WiFi hotspot within the vehicle. Mounted in the vehicle is a 10m electronic mast will caries the VHF aerial. In the rear is a welfare area for MRT personnel which include a hot water boiler, hand wash station and microwave.

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