02 AY 04 RAF Bedford M1120 4×4

02 AY 04
Bedford M1120 4×4
Part of The Queens Flight. Several types of vehicles before this were used to support the Helicopter Support Uni (HSU). Three of these vehicles were manufactured. This one, the Bedford M1120 4×4, was built by Edgehills of Hook and was introduced in 1985; It is diesel powered and was designed to carry 200 gallons of AFFF and 120 gallons of Aviation fuel. It carried extinguishers, hand tools, first aid equipment and was complete with it’s own pump. This one was introduced in 1985. They were painted RAF blue with no identification markings. Apart from it’s role as fire rescue/and aircraft refuelling, it also carried radio equipment to act as air traffic control. The RAF Fire-fighters would also act as liaison with all the local area agencies. Seen at the Museum of RAF Firefighting.

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