Airport Fire (2006)

Airport Fire (2006)

This page shows photographs of the fire service at Humberside International Airport demonstrating their fire fighting capabilities on their mock airplane test rig.

The mock aircraft fuselage catches fire. The burning kerosene sends plumes of black smoke billowing into the sky.

R761 NFW This Boughton Barracuda arrives at the scene within seconds and begins to pump foam and water from its roof top monitor whilst two fire men prepare to attack the fire with hoses.

As the two fire men advance towards the fuselage they signal to the operator of the foam monitor to stop spraying.

The fire men lay a mix of foam and water to extinguish the fire which appears to have started in one the aircraft’s engines.

The fire is soon brought under control and the flames begin to die down.

A fireman signals to the foam monitor operator that the fire is now out and that he can stand down.

The equipment is made up and the fire crew survey the scene of the fire that they have just extinguished.

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