Caption Corner 9


A selection of readers’ captions:

New police fitness regime intended to get slimmer riot squads had an unintended consequence! – KM
The new riot officer was a little deflated! – GC 
These goverment cuts have gone to far! – AC
Police hunt for a runaway steamroller! – TC
The budget cuts within police forces have gone too far for some officers, leaving them to walk out of the job a bit under dressed! – MH
Tony Stark falls on hard times when designing the latest Iron Man armour! – KM
A defect in the taser gun causing it to back-fire is discovered! – MH
Darth Vader was having a very bad day… – AI
The new slim fast diet for police officers! – AO
Work got you feeling flat? – JS
The knee bone connects to the thigh bone, the thigh bone connects to the hip bone…! – PW 
New Government cutbacks meant the new robotic riot police were hurried to be completed! – IB

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