Caption Corner 3


Here are a selection of reader captions:

I think we’re a little overdressed! -ST
Er.. sarge, is it still “Indecent Exposure” if they’re all doing it? – DC
I was only joking when I said you could park your bike in it! – AB
At the local police cycle training run, there’s confusion over the dress code! – CP
Ah The Heck With It Sarge, I’m Going Natural! – JW
Mmmmm nice lycra! – AB
Bet there’s gonna be some nasty chaffing going on ere today! – MB
I should have done what my partner did and not looked! ….. When’s the next counseling session? – D
Police use new tactics to scare of yobs! – JA
Due to police cash problems the new recruits uniforms weren’t ready in time! – AW
The police felt rather over-dressed for the occasion! – IB
Modern police service attempts to reassure the public that it has nothing to hide! – MD
Move along now, nothing to see! – W


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