EY70 YXR London Fire Brigade Scania L360 / Emergency One

London Fire Brigade
Scania L360 / Emergency One
Based at Soho and fitted with a Magruis Turntable Ladder. New in November 2021, London’s fire brigade unveiled the UK’s tallest aerial ladder, standing at 64 meters. Following the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, plans were made to upgrade the fleet, resulting in the addition of three extended height ladder appliances. These ladders, strategically located across London, serve as water, rescue, and observational towers, enhancing the response to high-rise fires. The acquisition was made possible by both the Brigade’s budget and a generous £2.5 million donation from the Freemasons of London. Firefighters operating these new ladders have undergone specialised training, ensuring their ability to navigate London’s narrow streets safely. Advanced technology within the ladders also ensures operational safety, including alerts for adverse weather conditions.

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