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CAU 263H Ford Cortina

CAU 263H
Ford Cortina
This ambulance car was converted by Herbert Lomas to be used by Vic Hallam Ltd of Langley Mill. It was later used by Heanor Division of St John Ambulance. In 2021 it joined the Great British Car Journey museum in Derbyshire.

Ford Raptor

Ford Raptor
This vehicle is beign used to demonstrate the reflective markings that have been applied. Notice in particular the black that still reflects light when the flash fires.

Platinum Ambulance Service MAN TGE

Platinum Ambulance Service
It’s no ordinary ambulance, it’s an aMANbulance from Platinum Ambulance Service near Gatwick. The MAN TGE has a solar panel roof so it doesn’t need plugging in to charge the auxiliary batteries.