Caption Corner 1


Here are a selection of reader captions:

Due to NHS cut backs, A&E had a smaller holding area – AC
Nice new model, but why hasn’t it got blue lights! – DL
NHS on cutbacks – New mobile mortuary – JA
Ambulance Staff take hide and seek to a new level – DL
I Think The Ambulance Is  A More Hygienic Way Of Carrying The Ill Than That Skip. – JW
I think changing the colour of the Ambulance to Red is a silly idea ! – EL
Who Put That There? How am I supposed to get that out smarty? – CD
I see the the Saturday Night A&E motors has arrived then boss! – SL
Stan couldn’t quite fit his new lunch box in the crew locker….. – AB
4.5years old now, time for a new one! – BW
You can see why they needed to replace it’s older sister. – TL
NHS – What a load of rubbish – SL
A Brand new ambulance is put on show with the oldest of the fleet! – DM
What a lovely match – JL
In an effort to improve efficiency YAS take on new larger capacity red ambulances – PM
I wonder if they have different response times? – SL
The paramedics weren’t really sure what to do. They had never been called out for a “A 47 year old male suffering severe pain due to being crushed by a skip”! – SL
Echo521 we can still see you on station no matter how much you try to hide it! – PJW


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