Caption Corner 12

A Selection of Readers’ Captions:

MOD Plod never did get the hang of hide and seek! – BH
The MOD didn’t like the 4x4s that they had so thought they’d trash one! – AO
North Yorks sell ageing 4×4 fleet and spend money on new “Enforcers” for their Tactical Support Units to aid the speed and execution of premises warrants! – SS
Um Sarge… you know that builder we booked last week…! – KM
I told you pitting him wouldn’t work! – JW
Although the sergeant said they’d got a Greyhound as an addition to the MoD Dog Unit, somehow they doubted it would fit in the jeep! – OC
People will see the car so i think we will lose at hide and seek! – KL
Should have gont to specsavers! – MJ
Time Team in the year 2100: look at this ancient vehicle we’ve dug up from the past! – TC
Delta-Alpha-Two-One to Control – We’ve attended that report of an out-of-control ‘greyhound’. I think you can cancel the dog unit! – MP

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