Caption Corner 2


Here are a selection of reader captions:

Spot the dummy! – PM
One of them is still alive! – KH
His attempt to avoid the next shout was soon rumbled… – CM
It’s no use hiding Smith , we can still see your trainers, now WASH the yard!!!! – M
John always said he work with a pile of dummies! – AJB
Stuffed! – RM
As a beat Astra came round the corner, the thief tried to hide with the surroundings! – TL
Auditions for entry to fire service! – AC
Which one is the dummy, they all look the same to me! – S
These sleeping policemen get more and more realistic every day! – JA
When the skip was taken away in caption 1 this is what the ambulance crew were horrified to find! – AF
Officer down! – BC
Ha-ha, I win, I found the odd one out! – BW
What the hell did I have to drink? SL
Police sports & social club – the morning after! – SB
Quick here’s the Inspector, look busy! – M


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