Caption Corner 13

A Selection of Readers’ Captions:

Bernard Matthews was over the moon with the new Neighbourhood policing unit in Norfolk. He says it’s “Bootiful, really Bootiful”! – SL

Don’t reckon much to the new Gold Command centre! – PW

The officers that arrived at they new budget station where unimpressed! – DM

The police’s latest attempt to build relations with the travelling community! – JW

Officers weren’t impressed when the new staff arrived, they said it was like working with animals! – MR

Police budget holidays! – IR

Undercover officers infiltrating travellers at Dale Farm awoke to find a subtle message that they should get stuffed! – TC

Bernard Matthews Police where quick to respond to the prison escape, they had even set up a mobile command post! – CC

Police were out in force this Christmas keeping watch over a large number of illegal immigrant turkeys! – TL

Police take action against Turkey riots! – PW

Even police in Istanbul are facing cutbacks…! – CP

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