Caption Corner 4


Here are a selection of reader captions:

What’s the name of this creek again? – SB
This photo is a new clip form an upcoming tv show: CSI: Venice – SL
I think I will stick to the Astra lads! – KH
Search for the speeding pirates. If it’s above 10 knots it’s a £60 fine & 3 points on their licence! – ST
Where did you say the Titanic was boss? – AF
Every year they do this boys, illegal drag race down the Thames, get those Oxbridge racers! – AC
And if someone sings “Row row row your boat gently down the stream” once more I am going to taser ’em! – SL
The cutbacks in the river policing budget had hit the division hard! – PW
British riot cops take a lesson from the Vienna police force! – JA
That duck was going a bit fast, Sarge. Shall we tail him? – TL
The Met have decided to take a more ecological approach to policing the Thames! -DC
The new British Border Police! – A


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