Caption Corner 10


A Selection of Readers’ Captions:

Let this be a warning to all who prank call the fire service: THEY KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE! – JS
The annual emergency services stunt driving competition was a huge success, until one team started cheating with a forklift! – KM
The new cost cutting, space saving, way of parking your car on station! – AB
To make some extra cash, firemen were now doing MOTs on station! – AB
The local Fire crew are paid so little, that they can only afford to replace 2 tyres at a time. The new style of driving assists in cutting down the wear! – BH
That’s one way to retrieve the ‘Chippy Run’ you dropped under the Watch Manager’s car! – PW
After the recession, the cutbacks started with the doughnuts. In sheer desperation the firemen used drastic measures to find some! – CP
Day 1 at the fire appliance driving school wasn’t going well! – MR
Listen guys, I know you’re bored, but you can’t go around CAUSING an RTC! – IB
Government spending cuts mean that the fire service will now be assisting the police with ending vehicle pursuits! – MP
I don’t think she’s grasped parallel parking! – WB


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