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SJ69 CKD Greater Manchester Fire Rescue Service Volvo FE / Emergency..

Greater Manchester Fire Rescue Service
Volvo FE / Emergency One
Based at Salford. This unit carries a Scorpion unit on the roof. The extendable boom can be used to direct water into higher storey windows, all remote controlled. An option is also to extend the sharp point and penetrate through walls, windows or vehicle bodywork. The vehicle cost in the region of £500,000 when new. The E1 Scorpion, Emergency One’s flagship appliance, boasts several innovative features:

High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET): Designed and manufactured by E1’s UK partner Translink International, this system allows for vertical reach up to 20m and horizontal reach up to 14m, with 360º rotation. It facilitates water and foam delivery via a high-flow monitor or a “Fire-Spike” piercing lance.

Fire Engineering Installation: Equipped with a powerful Godiva Prima P6A pump capable of delivering 6,000 litres per minute (lpm). An optional Cobra Ultra High-Pressure abrasive/cutting system is also available.

Compliance and Capability: Fully compliant with BS EN 1846 standards, the Scorpion features a 6-person cab/crew cab, individual crew seats with integrated breathing apparatus (BA), an 1,800-liter water tank, and a 100-liter foam tank. It also has a 1,200kg operational equipment inventory capacity.

Advanced Technology Integration: The appliance incorporates cutting-edge technology such as CCTV and Thermal Imaging Cameras, with images relayed to various control systems. It also features the latest versions of E1’s specialist appliance telematics system (“e1fleet”), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) asset management system (“e1Tag”), and mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (“e1Connect”).

Customization and Design: The Scorpion offers full customization of build and chassis options, including a unique pump bay canopy door for operator safety. The rear body superstructure features an “E-1” Roller Shutter Door system and a “Streamline” profile for reduced accident damage potential.

Firefighting Options: The Scorpion introduces the “E1 Nebula” system, an Ultra High-Pressure firefighting system with several lance options, full integration with control systems, and upgrades for foam and abrasive cutting.