Caption Corner 6


Here are a selection of reader captions:

Well, yeah this is fast for an ambulance, but the police force in the nearest village have a donkey with LEDs on it, now that can haul ass! – SL
If Shrek was a paramedic…! – WP
The Cow response unit – reaching all calls in under 8 minutes! – DS
Look at the new truck – its a 2 gnu power unit & does 10 miles per bale of hay! – PW
Nice to see the Trust buying state of the art and environmentally friendly this year! -JC
NHS cutbacks really started to take their toll! – KRL
Probably a hundred times more reliable than the Sprinters! – AC
A sign that fuel prices are to high for government! – JB
The ambulance broke down: this our reserve! – AG
Should have gone private! – TS
Is this what they mean by budget reductions?? – AOS

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